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  • Activation Bootloader - 0.26 MB
  • Demoversion ROBO Pro Software - 7.19 MB
  • Update ROBO Pro 4.2.4 (all languages) - 221.82 MB

    ROBOTICS TXT Controller support, image processing routines for fischertechnik USB camera, firmware update for TXT Controller (Bluetooth and WLAN can be switched on/off, WLAN security code activated, Controller ID is displayed, info window). Support IR Transmitter from Control Set, Sound element explanation in help file, WLAN bug fixed (No WLAN connection to TXT Controller).

    Zoom for Start terminal, update routine improved, new sample programs for training models. Second TXT Controller can be used as Extension, watch can be set.

    Improved WLAN performance, different WLAN channels can be selected (1 ,5, 6, 9, 11) via TXT display (Settings - WLAN Setup - WLAN Channel). Time and date can be used in ROBOPro (orange input element, additional bar "Time").

    I2C-port is supported now (without clock-stretching), microphone of USB camera 152522 can be used as noise sensor (in dB and as a linear value) in the analog input element of level 3. PDF files of the ROBOTICS Terminal can be opened with Acrobat Reader DC now.

    New: PanelScope that allows displaying sensor data (online mode only), WLAN client mode (the TXT controller can be used in WiFi networks), multi online mode, reduction of latencies, bug fixes, improved documentation, activation of the bootloader via sudo commands.

    Install the update after download. After connecting the TXT Controller with ROBOPro for the first time, the fimware of the Controller will be updated automatically.


  • Wlan Client Mode - 0.28 MB

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