fischertechnik Computing with MS Robotics Developer Studio


Microsoft Robotics Development Studio (MS-RDS) Software

To program, you need a commercially available PC with a Windows operating system 7 or higher, the easy-to-use graphic part of MS-RDS, the VPL (Visual Programming Language)  programming commands the robot is to carry out.
In addition, you need the »ROBO TX Controller« or »ROBO TL Controller« interface for converting computing commands to control signals for the motors and sensors. And then you can get started.

And this is truly ingenious: You learn to build a robot and to understand its mechanical functions – turning, moving, and gripping – and simultaneously you can make it do what you want. Be creative and develop your own ideas.


MS-RDS is free for no-commercial use.
MS-RDS makes use of the fischertechnik interface in the on-line mode.

VLP is messages flow based. With VPL your are simply busy with the orchestration of the communication between the VPL bluilding block (activities) in a flow chart. The different with Robo Pro is only the approach, RoboPro is work flow oriented and MS-RDS message flow oriented.

The programmable surface for Win 7 and higher. For control of the ROBO interface, ROBO TX or LX controller. Simple entry for beginners through proven programming of flow charts consisting of various software building blocks.

Messages can be exchanged between the services (software building blocks) and the activities (kind of subroutines) over variable and graphical connections as well. This ensures that the program functions are presented in an understandable manner. The services are contained in a library and can be used without having to understand the internal sequences in the services. This means that even complex programs remain understandable for beginners.

In addition, the graphic programming language, VPL, can be extended at text bases level (dotNET, C#) and offers professional programmers all of the important elements of a modern programming language such as arrays, functions, recursion, objects, asynchronous events, distribution (DSS) and real parallel processing (CCR) . The MS-RDS ensures that even advanced programming pros are not limited. This programming is based on templates. After compiling there will  also generated an VPL building block.  

There are no problems with the preparation of teach-in programs or data exchange with other Windows software. In fact MS-RDS opens a way to include a lot of other PC-resource like XBOX360 controller, Kinect, gamecontrolers, internet, keyboard, mouse, etc into your project.

MS-RDS contains also a simulator.


For downloding the FtxxServices to integrate the fischertechnik interfaces into the MS-RDS system, see:
The fischertechnik MS-RDS download area.