fischer TiP

fischer TiP

Playing with potato starch.

fischer TiP: Making things, gluing, building and painting!

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The colorful TiPs, created using potato starch and food colors are the basic building blocks for this creative toy. You can create a green man from Mars that waves cheerfully. Or a pretty princess playing with the Frog King ball. The colorful construction elements fire the imagination and creativity of children from age three.

Simply moisten the TiPs with water and press them together. They can also be cut, pressed and shaped easily. Colorful figures, flowers, chains, entire landscapes and scenes can be constructed without any glue whatsoever. Painting with TiP is also child’s play. Simply dissolve the elements consisting of twelve basic colors in water to obtain color paints. Both methods can be combined in collages to obtain painted pictures and formed figures.

fischer TiP has been distinguished with the coveted quality symbol “Good play” by the “Committee for children’s games and toys” – in addition to the quality rating “Safety tested quality” by the State Trade Institute.


The fischer TiP line includes six set sizes: S, M, XM, L, XL boxes and the Premuium box XL for maximum play fun. The boxes contain different numbers of colored TiPs as well as the required accessories: From the smallest S BOX containing sponge, cloth and cutting tool for processing the TiPs, to STAR BOX with eight different tools and the 40-page STAR BOX activity booklet with a multitude of ideas, tricks and various examples.

And for those who like transparency - fischer TiP is also available in practical buckets: From the smallest bucket with 100 TiPs to the largest bucket 1200 with approx. 1200 TiPs and many tools.

All required construction material and comprehensive instructions are already contained in the Princess and Pirate theme boxes. This guarantees maximum enjoyment for children, because the ideas can be realized so easily. Simply thumb through the large idea booklet or the two fischer TiP idea booklets with construction figures for further ideas such as an attractive mother’s day gift or a thoughtful trinket for the best girlfriend.
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