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541177 Dynamic L2 with Crazy Machines 3


Product description

Create your own, digital Ball Track World.

Turn on the PC and go: the ball race games by fischertechnik’s PROFI Dynamic range of products can now be constructed and completed in the PC game by Crazy Machines 3. The ball is shot into a tunnel and makes circles until it disappears into the neck of the funnel and channelled into the next track. But suddenly the ball hurtles towards a large gap: what happens next in order to reach the goal?


Gripping hurdles can be overcome in the PC game’s puzzle mode: incomplete ball runs need to be repaired with the fitting components so that all the balls can reach the goal.

In creative mode, constructers build fischertechnik ball race tracks and equip them with well-known fischertechnik Dynamic obstacles and hurdles. The models can be embedded in various backgrounds, such as in outer space, for example. This creates a whole new gaming atmosphere. The games can be rated and commented on in an online community.


The construction set "Dynmic L2 with Crazy Machines 3" includes the download code for the PC game.

Available from march.


Here´s the video.

Here´s the tutorial.


46,5x8,0x39,0 cm