3D Printer


Here you can find some useful information additional to the already available hints of the activity booklet:

Printing plate / Buildtak
The printing plate and the Buildtak are wear parts. If cleaning of the parts does not restore the properties of the printing plate, the components have to be exchanged. Printing plate and Buildtak are available via the fischertechnik spare part service.

Printer stops printing in the middle of the job
Possible cause: the energy management of Windows. There are energy management settings which change the PC state to a stand-by. If this occurs, the USB connection will be interrupted and the printing job stops.

Self-made gCodes differ from the included gCodes
Self-made gCodes depend on the Slic3r settings. These settings undergo a continuous improvement process, which will yield these differences. However, the included gCodes will never cause harm to your 3D printer.

Printing problems / printing quality
The print product does not stick to the BuildTak in peripheral areas > check the calibration and the leveling of the printing plate
The print product does not stick to the BuildTak at all > the distance between nozzle and printing bed is too high
It is not possible to remove the print product from the BuildTak > the distance between nozzle and printing bed is too low
The extruder makes „clack, clack“ noises > If this happens during the first layer, then the distance between nozzle and printing bed is too low. If this happens during later layers, then the nozzle might be clogged. Another reason could be too much friction in the z-axis. In this case, the z-axis could not move correctly.
Dust and other impurities > the filament must be clean at all time and there shouldn’t be any visible dust particles. Contaminated filament can clog the nozzle and yield a malfunction of the hot-end.
Heating of the hot-end over a long time without printing > this could yield a malfunction of the hot-end.
Printing with non-fischertechnik filament > this could clog the nozzle and it could result in a loss of the warranty.
Printed parts are too small (regarding the height) and the hot-end engraves the part >this is either causes by slippage or too much friction in the z-axis. You can find special tutorial videos in our eLearning area, which show the correct assembly of this axis. Too much friction or slippage can be caused by the following aspects:

  • the hub nuts are not tightened sufficiently
  • the axis is tensed up
  • there is not enough lubrication (especially the washer between the hub nut und dem building block 15 with bore)
  • there is silicone grease between the hub nut  and the metal axis
  • the metal axis of the worm drive is too low and the face side of the axis grinds on the building plate
  • the gear wheel Z20 is displaced, which causes that the sleeve 15 grinds on the building block 15 with bore

Printed parts show a misalignment > There is clearance on the x- or y-axis. You can find tutorial videos on our eLearning platform.


Software 3D Print Control - Mac OS X / Linux
Also works with Mac OS X and Linux with the software RepetierHost: https://www.repetier.com/