fischertechnik nominated for the German Toy Award 2021

Of the eight nominated products in the "Games and Technology" category, three construction sets from fischertechnik are in the finals

Three of our fischertechnik construction sets are in the final selection for the "German Toy Award 2021". In the "Play and Technology" category, the products "Funny Reactions", "Green Energy" and "Robotics Smarttech" are in the final.

A total of eight products in the "Play and Technology" category are in the final selection for the coveted prize - three of them alone come from fischertechnik: With the "Funny Machines" construction kit, young constructors from the age of seven can create funny chain reactions with three models and thus bring a lot of action into the children's room. With "Green Energy", children and young people learn about renewable energies in a playful way. In this way, they are sensitised to questions of climate and environmental protection at a young age and discover forms of energy for the future. With the "Robotics Smarttech" set - in conjunction with the included TXT Smart Controller and the ROBO Pro Coding software - nine exciting robot types can be brought to life. The spectrum ranges from simple entry-level models to various driving robots and a fun dancing robot. One highlight is the Omniwheels, which are driven by four motors and thus enable movements in any direction: The robots drive forwards and backwards, turn on the spot and move both sideways and diagonally.
As of this year, the "German Toy Award" replaces the renowned award "The Golden Rocking Horse". It is awarded annually by the magazine "familie&co". The nominated toys are presented in the June issue of "familie&co". At the same time, from 10 June, readers will have the opportunity to vote online for their personal favourites in each category. The products with the most votes will win their category. In July, a jury of children, parents, editors and educators will choose the overall winner from the first and second place winners in each category, who will receive the "German Toy Award 2021". fischertechnik has already been chosen as an award winner several times in the past.