fischertechnik marble runs

Action, fun and almost endless building enjoyment

In the PROFI Dynamic ball track line, the name is already assuming dynamic and rapid growth. Ball tracks from fischertechnik with many different curves and chicaneries guarantee action, fun and almost endless building enjoyment.

All fischertechnik fans, building block enthusiasts and design buffs are fully satisfied with the dynamic construction kits. Because the extraordinary flex rails allow the construction of new, exciting and action-packed route guides.

The favourite ball track  - PROFI Dynamic L2

Special components of the Dynamic marble run Line at a glance:

Flex rails

The flex rail is the most important fischertechnik ball track component, because it is flexible in all directions. You can bend and twist it as you want. In constructing ball tracks you can therefore let your creativity run free. Thus, a curve quickly becomes a breathtaking looping or a rapid ski jump. The flex rail is available in lengths of 90 mm and 180 mm.

The high-speed flex rail, 180 mm long, with a raised side edge allows the ball to sweep at a breathtaking speed without flying out of orbit. So get started and build steep and creative curves and tracks! Thanks to the high-speed rail, this makes even more fun.

A little tip: If the flex rails are bent after removal, they can be clamped on one of the base plates for some time. The bend disappears and the flex rail can be used again without any problems.


A rapid curve makes the ball track sections perfect. With the 90°-curve you can easily realize fast changes of direction and tight curves.


The 180 ° curve allows young designers to change the direction of the ball in a confined space. Serpentine-like routes guarantee the ultimate action fun.

Centrifugal funnel

At high speed, the balls enter the rotary funnel. As a result of the slow speed, the balls are swirled to the center of the funnel, where they pass through a hole and are guided to the next level of the rails.


On the cross-over, a lever is located in the center, which alternately guides the balls to the left and right flex rails. The cross-over can alternatively be used without a lever as a receptacle for falling or jumping balls.

Magnetic ball retainers

The magnetic ball holder is attached to a chain and transports the steel balls upwards, to the start of the ball track.

Sound tube

The balls are tearing down the track, and they have to handle some crazy stuff on the way down. The steel balls pass through the sound tube, adding a little extra melody to all the fun. You can practically hear their speed.


With the trampoline the balls can fly spectacularly through the air.


The flex-tubes give you new, fast-paced tracks where the balls race through the cool tunnel.

Learn to play

But that is not all: Physical processes of the dynamics are explained in the large fischertechnik kits in an interactive manner. Various physical effects, e.g. acceleration or mass inertia, are presented in an e-learning portal by various experiments and explained in detail.

Special features of the ball tracks by fischertechnik at a glance:

  • The balls are repeatedly magnetically moved upward by various types of elevators (for example, chain hoists).
  • The types of lifts can be motorized or operated manually.
  • Unlimited building fun through individually expandable ball tracks.
  • Chicaneries like looping, rotary funnel, jumping and much more.
  • Infinite combinations and extensions.
  • Learn about physical functions in play.
  • Fast construction pleasure guaranteed.

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Dynamic XS Dynamic S Dynamic XM Dynamic M Dynamic L2 Dynamic XL Dynamic XXL
Dynamic High Speed

         X         X         X          X
Dynamic Tuning Set         X         X            X        X         X         X          X
Dynamic Looping

       X         X         X          X
Dynamic Stop & Go

       X         X         X          X
Dynamic Trampoline

 X         X         X          X
Dynamic XS         X    
   X            X        X
        X         X          X
Dynamic S 
   X         X            X        X         X         X          X
Dynamic XM         X         X            X        X     X         X     X
Dynamic M         X         X            X        X         X         X          X
Dynamic L2         X         X       X        X         X         X          X
Dynamic XL         X         X            X        X         X         X          X
Dynamic XXL         X         X       X        X         X         X          X


Unlimited building and playing fun with the marble run mega model

PROFI Dynamic XL

Discover exciting conveyor technology

PROFI Dynamic L2

Even more marble run action with new models  

PROFI Dynamic M

Acoustic components add sound to your marble runs    

Dynamic XM

Marble run and trampoline-action in the children’s room

PROFI Dynamic S

An easy way to get into the fascinating world of fischertechnik marble runs    

PROFI Dynamic XS

Inexpensive marble run set

PROFI Dynamic Tuning Set

The perfect supplementary set for any fischertechnik marble run 

PROFI Dynamic Looping

Action-packed looping with adjustable routes

PROFI Dynamic Stop & Go

Stop points – the perfect supplement for all marble run fans

PROFI Dynamic High Speed

Maximum speed for all marble run lovers

PROFI Dynamic Trampoline

More fun with the marble run trampoline extension set