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Travel over rough ground with the brawn off-road vehicle

Art.-No. 516184
Top Facts:
  • 8 Models
  • 280 Components
  • from 8 Years

Product Description

How does a balloon drive or a bending rod drive work? What is the difference between a friction drive and a rubber-band drive. How can wind be used as a drive? This set provides a glimpse into how different types of drives work. The brawny offroad vehicle with functioning steering and suspension can also be combined perfectly with the Motor Set XM and Bluetooth Control Set for remote control. The instructional activity booklet provides a great deal of interesting information. For young engineers from age 8.


In the construction set included:

  • Friction motor
  • Sail
  • Balloon
  • Rubber band
Parts summary


  • Functional suspension and steering knuckle
  • Friction motor with cable
  • Friction motor with gearbox

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 46,5 x 8 x 32 cm
Number of models 8
Number of parts 280
Weight 2167 g
Volume 0,0119
EAN-Code 4048962136821

Documents for Downloading

Single Part list and model summry Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set
Storage suggestion Suggested storage of the fischertechnik parts