Dynamic M + Motor Set XS

Motorized Dynamic M marble run construction set

Art.-No. 533905
Top Facts:
  • Special edition with Motor Set XS
  • 4 Models
  • 595 Components
  • from 7 Years

Product Description

The promotion package consists of PROFI Dynamic M and PLUS Motor Set XS.

Action and sound parts open up many possibilities for even more exciting courses. While they race downwards, the steel balls let the sound tubes create melodic tones. The rotary funnel offers a completely new way of bringing the balls onto the next rail. The balls also shoot and fly down the obstacle course through narrow 90° curves and a cross-over. On arriving at the bottom, the additionally contained Motor Set, brings the balls motorised back up to the top again. The Dynamic M construction set is ideal for making four exciting obstacle courses.


In the construction set included:

  • Rotary funnel
  • 3x Sound tube
  • Cross-over
  • 5x 90° curve
  • Magnet holder
  • 8x Ball
  • 4x Flex-rail 90
  • 14x Flex-rail 180
  • XS motor
  • Battery holder for 9V block
Parts summary


  • Centrifugal funnel
  • Sound tube

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 46,5 x 8 x 32 cm
Size of cover models 35 x 58 cm
Number of models 4
Number of parts 595
Weight 1825 g
Volume 0,0141
EAN-Code 4048962229974

Documents for Downloading

Single Part list Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set