Dynamic L2 + Crazy Machines 3

Create digital marble runs on your PC, then build them!

Art.-No. 541177
Top Facts:
  • Special edition with Crazy Machines 3
  • 7 Models
  • 780 Components
  • from 9 Years

Product Description

The promotion package consists of PROFI Dynamic L2 and PC game Crazy Machines 3.

Create your own, digital Ball Track World. Turn on the PC and go: the ball race games by fischertechnik’s PROFI Dynamic range of products can now be constructed and completed in the PC game by Crazy Machines 3. The ball is shot into a tunnel and makes circles until it disappears into the neck of the funnel and channelled into the next track. But suddenly the ball hurtles towards a large gap: what happens next in order to reach the goal? Gripping hurdles can be overcome in the PC game’s puzzle mode: incomplete ball runs need to be repaired with the fitting components so that all the balls can reach the goal. In creative mode, constructers build fischertechnik ball race tracks and equip them with well-known fischertechnik Dynamic obstacles and hurdles. The models can be embedded in various backgrounds, such as in outer space, for example. This creates a whole new gaming atmosphere. The games can be rated and commented on in an online community. The construction set "Dynmic L2 with Crazy Machines 3" includes the download code for the PC game.

In addition to the didital building seven marble runs can be constructed with the complete set Dynamic L2 with lots of action-elements and chicanes. The three different action courses with a length of up to 4.50 m offer unlimited fun on the ball obstacle course. The four High-speed flex-rails with raised side edge let the balls roll at full speed through the curve! The balls simply race through the mechanical cross-over into various tracks. They just fly through the cross-over toward the rotary funnel or over the teeter-totter which releases a ball at the stopping point. The 180° curve lets young architects change the direction of the ball in a confined space. After passing through the loops and other obstacles, the ball finally returns to the elevator waiting point. The balls are then brought back up to the top again by the elevator which is operated by an XS motor. The four instructional experiment models also unobtrusively explain the effects of the various physical phenomena (acceleration, mass inertia, the balance of forces, the law of conserving energy, the principle of linear momentum, the laws of motion). The eLearning portal offers exciting, instructional activity information and videos related to physics. Let's roll…!


In the construction set included:

  • XS motor
  • 4x High-speed flex-rail
  • 4x 90° curve
  • 3x 180° curve
  • 10x Ball
  • 8x Flex-rail 90
  • 17x Flex-rail 180
  • Cross-over
  • Rotary funnel
  • Battery holder for 9V block
  • Download code for the PC game Crazy Machines 3
Parts summary


  • Tight 180° curves
  • High-speed rails with raised edges
  • Mechanical cross-over

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 46,5 x 8 x 39 cm
Size of cover models 50 x 62 cm
Number of models 7
Number of parts 780
Length of pipe flex-rails 4,5 m
Weight 2456 g
Volume 0,0145
Power supply system (Battery) 9V block required – battery not included
EAN-Code 4048962287561

Documents for Downloading

Single Part list Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set
Storage suggestion Suggested storage of the fischertechnik parts