fischertechnik Apps & Software for the classroom

Digitization is increasingly making its way into educational curricula, which is reflected in learning concepts and robotics kits. This usually requires software and apps to control and program these models. With our apps and software specially designed for the classroom, students can quickly and specifically use the app, Bluetooth or voice control to give commands to the models.

The free fischertechnik apps and software for Android, Windows, Linux and iOS devices are listed here.

ROBO Pro Downloads

The ROBO Pro Coding App allows you to program models at different difficulty levels depending on the grade level.

Coding Pro

ROBO Pro Light

Only for BT Smart Beginner & Robotics BT Beginner

ROBO Pro Smart

Only for BT Smart Beginner & Robotics BT Beginner

TXT Cam Control Downloads

The TXT Cam Control app can remotely control the model exploration robot from the TXT Discovery Set construction kit. The image from the fischertechnik camera is transferred to the mobile device and can be shown on the display.

TXT / TX Controller Downloads

The manuals are the perfect introduction to get to know all features and possibilities of the controller. The manuals can be downloaded in different languages via the links below.

BT Smart Controller Downloads

The controller "BT Smart Controller" with 4 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors or lamps has a USB interface and a Bluetooth 4.0 interface.

Bluetooth remote control

With the fischertechnik Bluetooth Control App it is possible to remote control fischertechnik models via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. The models must be equipped with the BT Control receiver 161943.

Voice Control

With the Voice Control app, models equipped with our TXT 4.0 controller can be controlled using various voice commands.