The fischertechnik TXT Controller

The ROBOTICS TXT Controller is the heart of many of our ROBOTICS kits.
It controls the actuators and evaluates the information from the sensors.

For this task, the ROBOTICS TXT Controller has numerous connectors to which you can connect the components. Which components you can connect to which connectors, and what the functions of the connectors are, is described in the operating instructions for the ROBOTICS TXT Controller.

You can operate the ROBOTICS TXT Controller comfortably via the color touch display. You can connect the camera module to the USB host socket (USB-1). A special treat is the integrated Bluetooth and WLAN interface. You can connect your PC with the ROBOTICS TXT Controller without cables, or even several controllers with each other.

How the controller handles the individual components and what they should do in detail, you determine through the program that you write in the software ROBO Pro.

Instructions for the fischertechnik TXT Controller

The tutorials are the perfect introduction to learn about all the features and possibilities of the controller. The manuals can be downloaded in different languages via the links below:

Download the software and learn the first steps

Download the ROBO Pro software

To bring your models to life, you will need the ROBO Pro software, which can be downloaded from the links below:

Link to the current software version

First Steps Tutorial

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with the construction kit, we have prepared a small tutorial for you, which will familiarize you with the first steps:

Click here for the video