Elementary school

Whether it's fischerTiP for very young children or fischertechnik for the somewhat older ones - our products are the perfect and easy entry into the world of technology.


Learning motor skills by gluing, cutting, modeling, pressing or shaping is promoted by fischerTiPs made from potato starch. Colored with food dyes, they are 100% natural, harmless, and stimulate children's imagination to design creative models through form, color and material. A large selection of bioplastic tools guarantees the greatest possible play and handicraft fun!

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fischertechnik beginners' kits for the youngest children provide them with their first experience of simple technology and its functions. The main focus here is that the children learn through playing and can quickly see their own success while building, which inspires and promotes their enjoyment of technology. 


First experience of simple technology and its functions.

Little Starter

Jumbo Starter


Gearbox, pulley block, steering, centrifugal governor, winch, static

Universal Starter

Simple Machines