Kindergarten / preschool

 fischertechnik in use with the youngest 

fischertechnik and fischerTiP are suitable for little ones from the age of three and up. The JUNIOR products from fischertechnik give the youngest a very simple introduction to the world of technology. The natural and safe fischerTiP craft material not only provides creative fun, but also promotes motor skills in toddlers.


fischerTiPs made from potato starch promotes motor skills in young children as they glue, cut, model, press or shape the craft material. Colored with food dyes, they are 100% natural, safe, and stimulate a child’s imagination to design creative models through working with form, color and material. A large selection of bioplastic tools guarantees the greatest possible play and handicraft fun! 

Product selection


The fischertechnik JUNIOR beginner boxes for very young children give them their first experiences with simple technology and its functionalities. The whole idea of these kits is to play with the models. The models can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to the large components. The connector system has been designed to be simple. The dump body, the tank attachment and the other large components are assembled by lightly screwing them onto the base vehicle. The sets come with easy-to-follow, child-friendly building instructions.

Our hope is that your child will have fun with these early, initial experiences with building and construction that also promote motor skills.
The Junior Easy Starter line is intended for children three years and up. Our various vehicles, such as dump trucks, crane wagons, tanker loads and much more guarantee many hours of fun, both in the playroom and outside in the fresh air.

The large components, such as the cab, troughs, etc. in the Junior Starter line are intended for children ages 5 and up. The large sizes of these components are meant for little fingers and help to ensure a child’s success in putting them together quickly and that they enjoy the process. Both products can also be built as vehicle models. fischertechnik also offers airplanes, crane trucks and many other models that provide children with many hours of fun.
The highlight of the large set in the JUNIOR Starter is the fact that several models can be built at the same time (for example, a truck and a crane), creating fantastic game worlds to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Playing and learning

Of course, the joy of playing and having fun fun come first. In addition, fischertechnik and fischerTiP fulfill many educational requirements that naturally guarantee many learning benefits:

  • Working in groups
  • Communication and expressiveness
  • Developing the child’s personality
  • Fostering gross motor skills
  • Promoting fine motor skills
  • Prestidigitation
  • Technical understanding
  • Promoting the ability to work in a school environment
  • Exclusive building instructions

JUNIOR ab 3 Jahren

The game fun by fast building successes and extra large components is here in the foreground.

Easy Starter S

Easy Starter L

JUNIOR ab 5 Jahren

First experiences with simple technology and its functions with high play pleasure.

Little Starter

Jumbo Starter