Studies and training school

fischertechnik is used in vocational and technical colleges/universities for teaching and research as well as in vocational education and training and in industry for the realistic representation and simulation of sophisticated and complex systems.

fischertechnik offers highly tried-and-tested, widely used and cost-effective material for learning STEM topics, planning, developing and testing applications.

With fischertechnik, the development, programming and control of robots can be taught competency-oriented and learning from start to finish. fischertechnik offers a wide range of Robotics kits from the entry boxes for the first classes to complex systems, which are also suitable for studying and training. But fun is not neglected: Want to participate in one of the popular robot competitions? If you are interested in a contest with your team, you will find everything you need to have successful participation in our competition set - and in just one set! 


Measurement, control and regulation, programming, interplay of hardware and software, use of actuators and sensors

Mini Bots

BT Beginner



In Industry

Competition Set






Basic understanding of 3D printing, interplay of hardware and software, robotics, control

3D Printer

3D Printer

At any time, you can print parts yourself   completely individual, simple, flexible.   With the 3D printer, fischertechnik offers insights into a future-oriented and fascinating technology. Users learn the basic principles of 3D printing and get an insight into this revolutionary technology with major potential for the future.
For more information on the fischertechnik 3D printer, please click here.

Training models

fischertechnik has very broad scope, and not only in the field of robotics. The simulation and industrial sector is another important pillar and forms the bridge from the realistic model to today's world. With a large variety of products, the pre-constructed, compact fischertechnik training models are standard in the simulation. Two versions are freely selectable: the 9V standard voltage or the worldwide 24V industrial standard.

You can find the wide range of products here!