Education novelties 2022

The Education novelties in july

Class Set Statics

How can a house survive a storm unscathed and why don't cranes fall over? The designers of tomorrow are exploring these questions and many others like them. They are exploring the stability and strength of technical structures and discovering the relationships between load-bearing capacity and connecting elements. Eight exciting models, in combination with the didactic material that comes with them, teach the subject of statics using bridges, cranes and truss constructions.

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Class Set Simple Machines

We encounter simple machines everywhere in our everyday lives. They help us to do work using as little effort as possible. We will teach the basic mechanical and technical principles and interactions of forces using illustrative models that can be set up quickly. Pupils will consolidate what they learn in a playful way by exploring these principles and practical examples. The crowning glory of this construction kit is the relay machine that passes a ball back and forth. This is something the whole class can get involved in and combine the principles of what they have learned across the different modules with the fun of building and playing. What is more: these activities help to promote both social and fine motor skills as well.

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STEM Statics 

Why is a triangle so important to the world of statics? Where do we encounter this everywhere in everyday life? These and other statics principles will be explored in a simple and clear way using fischertechnik's STEM Statics and practical model examples. We will explore topics such as compressive and tensile forces, and statics and forces in the equilibrium. We will be able to measure and check the results of the practical experiments with the help of the spring balance included in the kit. Pupils will have fun and discover the spirit of discovery as they internalise physical ways of thinking and working, and consolidate what they have learned in the long term.

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STEM Simple Machines

There is a whole range of physical laws inside this construction kit. STEM Simple Machines covers the topics on which the various tools and machines are based (rope and bar, lever, pulley, and inclined plane). But we don’t just get to explore complex mechanical functions like those of a differential gear – we also examine exciting models from our pupils' everyday lives in great detail and give them those eureka moments! The mechanics of a screw clamp and a pulley is just one example of the mechanical functions that we explore. We will be able to measure and check the results of the practical experiments with the help of the spring balance included in the kit.

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The Education novelties in march

First Coding

The new beginners' robotics set for primary school.

The entry into the world of robotics and programming succeeds playfully with this construction set. With the help of ready-made components and a simple graphic programming environment, children learn how to bring the little robots to life using ready-made examples. The extensive learning material, including three experiments, provides the perfect basis for teaching.

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From July there will be more exciting fischertechnik Education novelties!

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