Novelties 2023

Coming Soon: Our Robotics Novelty in September


Smart Robots Pro

The complete entry-level package for children age eight and up. With the help of the sensors and actuators included, the young developers can build eight models that are programmed and controlled. Whether with the mobile robot with obstacle detection, the carousel with flashing lights, the temperature control with fan or the alarm system, the entry to the world of programming is guaranteed to succeed.


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Crazy Reactions Kettenreaktion Neuheit

Crazy Reactions

Now it's getting action-packed! With the Crazy Reactions construction set, you can build three different chain reactions with exciting surprise effects. Give the starting signal and playfully discover the function of the cable pull, lever and gear. That's not enough? The chain reactions can be wonderfully expanded with everyday objects and encourage creative building.


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Mechanics Baukasten Neuheit


Dive into the world of mechanics and discover basic functions. How does a hammer drill work, how do you build a clock gear and what do you need a planetary gear for? These and other elementary questions from the world of mechanics are answered by the Mechanics construction kit using 12 different models. Discover the basics of technology through play!

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Crazy Rides

The theme park for your home - the construction kit for extra fun

Whether on the free fall tower or the looping - thrills and adrenaline are guaranteed for the figures included. The four models represent different fairground attractions. Full speed up to the top and upside down in circles. Have lots of fun with the Crazy Rides construction kit!

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Ping Pong Bowling Neu

Ping Pong Bowling

Building, luck and skill all in one game!

A game combining skill and luck. First of all, you have to aim accurately and throw well. When the table tennis ball lands in the funnel, the ball run starts, at the end of which the bowling pins are waiting to be knocked over. Who manages to hit the most pins?

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Building and pinball fun all in one!

Three, two, one – go! The ball is catapulted onto the field. Now you have to be careful, because the ball hits different obstacles that influence the route it takes across the playing field. Which number does the ball land on? Who collects the most points and wins the game?

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Slide Battle

Build first - then play together!

Ready, steady, go! Who will be the first to clear their own playing field before their opponent does? To do this, you have to stretch the rubber band and shoot the game pieces through the goal into the opponent’s field. It pays to be quick!

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Whether building or playing, skill is the name of the game!

Who can prove their dexterity and manage to guide the ball through the labyrinth? Whether on your own or in a team - show your skills and try not to get lost.

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