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Smart Robots Max 

Now available!

fischertechnik Smart Robots Max works with our fischertechnik RX Controller and ROBO Pro Coding software to bring 9 exciting models to life. The graphic programming software is not dependent on any specific operating system, and can be used on mobile devices. From simple beginner models to a variety of driving robots to a funny dancing robot, there is something for everyone. One highlight of this building set are the omniwheels, which are operated by four motors and allow the robot to move in any direction. The track sensor, gesture sensor and push button make it possible to construct and program a variety of exciting driving robots just waiting for developers and inventors to send them on a new adventure.

Marble Competition Booster

Expand your models and experience even more racing action!

Skillfully shoot the marbles into the funnel, guide them past the dead ends through the pre-set chicanes and determine the ultimate winner - that's the aim of the Marble Competition Booster. Whether used on its own or seamlessly integrated into an existing Marble Competition model, it creates exciting competitions with a surprise effect!

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Marble Competition Battle 

Even more action and fun with additional chicanes!

Now players have the opportunity to prevent their opponents from winning with four chicanes that can be installed and adjusted, while at the same time increasing the fun of the game and bringing an exciting dynamic to the race. Up to four players can actively intervene in the racing action. This expansion enhances the interactive gaming experience, catapulting the Marble Competition models into a new dimension of gaming fun.

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Marble Competition Sound

Want Some sound? Upgrade your models with sound tubes!

Now sound comes into play! The simple installation of sound tubes not only adds great sounds to the Marble Competition models, it also raises the level of competition by simultaneously serving as adjustable obstacles for the marbles. This extension generates additional surprise effects and provides even more excitement.

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Smart Robots Pro

The complete entry-level package for children age eight and up. With the help of the sensors and actuators included, the young developers can build eight models that are programmed and controlled. Whether with the mobile robot with obstacle detection, the carousel with flashing lights, the temperature control with fan or the alarm system, the entry to the world of programming is guaranteed to succeed.


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Crazy Reactions Kettenreaktion Neuheit

Crazy Reactions

Now it's getting action-packed! With the Crazy Reactions construction set, you can build three different chain reactions with exciting surprise effects. Give the starting signal and playfully discover the function of the cable pull, lever and gear. That's not enough? The chain reactions can be wonderfully expanded with everyday objects and encourage creative building.


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Mechanics Baukasten Neuheit


Dive into the world of mechanics and discover basic functions. How does a hammer drill work, how do you build a clock gear and what do you need a planetary gear for? These and other elementary questions from the world of mechanics are answered by the Mechanics construction kit using 12 different models. Discover the basics of technology through play!

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