Release Notes from 4.4.4 to 4.6.6
-   Bugfix settings in scope
-    Bugfix error message for scope in download mode
TXT Firmware:
-    Cloud-Interface for Training Factory Industry 4.0
-    Download of Scratch3 programs
-    Simple WEB server for downloading of Scratch und C programs
-    Settings security: WEB server on/off, VNC server on/off
-    Settings time: automatic synchronization (NTP Service)
-    USB stick und SD card as new source for C programs
-    Bugfix WLAN Client Static, WLAN Client Scan
-    Bugfix sound output in C programs
-    Bugfix MotorIO Extension
-    Other Bugfixes

Release Notes TXT Firmware from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4
- New update mechanism
- Security improvements for cloud applications
- New menu setting (security: SSH Daemon)

Release Notes TXT Firmware from 4.2.4 to 4.4.3
- Connecting the environmental sensor (BME680) art. No. 137358 via I2C
- Cloud connection to and cloud application for TXT Smart Home
- New: ROBOPro example programmes for TXT Smart Home construction set
- Update: Improved ROBOPro example programmes for training models (tall shelving, vacuum gripper, processing station, sorting line)
- New mechanism for root password and security updates
- Improved WiFi client model (scan AP with the same name, signal strength, SSID names)
- New menu settings (property: Cloud Client, MQTT Broker; menu item boot from SD card)
- SharedLibrary interface for TXT and ROBOPro (see
- C-programming in download mode (see
- Update from Linux

ROBOPro Light

BT Smart Controller

TXT Controller

TX Controller

ROBO Interface

LT Controller