Optics & Lights

Explore the phenomenon of optics and experiment with light! The planetary model visually explains the mechanics of the moon phases and solar and lunar eclipses. Optical lenses with different focal lengths, reflectors, lens bulbs and a variety of building parts allow the creation of microscopes, magnifying glasses, telescopes and periscopes. Find out the time using the sundial. What a total reflection is and how data can be carried by light are both shown by the model with light guides. With this play-and-learn construction set, pupils gain a deep insight into the world of optics and light. Optics & Lights can be used in guided and in free lesson structures and is already used as basic equipment in many schools.

The innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you to practically teach about technology and to bring the subject closer to your students or trainees.

The accompanying activity booklet with teaching and lesson materials includes visual models and tasks for quick lesson preparation, as well as problem-solving tasks and solutions, handouts and print templates.

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Optics & Lights

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