About us

Understanding technology through play

We have been inspiring children, pupils, teachers and engineers since 1965! The fischertechnik construction kits "Made in Germany" impart basic technical understanding in a playful way according to the motto "Understanding technology through play"!

The versatile fischertechnik basic building block is the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets, which are assembled appropriately the’ ages and skill levels of any builder. The basic building block allows you to add other parts and build on all six sides. Everything works together and all of the blocks fit together to create a logical concept. From great basic building blocks to refined technology details, you can combine everything together. No matter how challenging the models are:  fischertechnik guarantees you can always use parts from any fischertechnik construction set.

Our building blocks fulfill lots of different pedagogical demands through a single system - without other aids or special instructions. fischertechnik teaches basic technical knowledge and promotes...

...hand-eye coordination,

...gross and fine motor skills,

...spatial thinking abilities,

...imagination and creativity, and

...logical thinking skills.

Comprehensive, easy to understand assembly instructions are included in every construction set and help your child build and discover the fascinating world of fischertechnik.

In addition to the assembly instructions, challenging construction sets also offer the fischertechnik eLearning portal. Children can learn online with fischertechnik through the eLearning portal. Exciting didactic activity booklets and background information with lots of tasks and solutions for the different construction set topics are provided there.

Broad acceptance among parents, teachers, and engineers makes fischertechnik not just a valuable pedagogical toy, but also a successful teaching tool at schools and universities. In addition, the teachers and psychologists at the TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen (ZNL, Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning) recommended fischertechnik construction sets for the “Spielen macht Schule” (Playing is educational) campaign. Learning success, with guaranteed playing fun!


Besides the construction sets in our toy area and learning sets, which were developed especially for use in technical instruction, we also offer pre-assembled, compact functional and simulation models for training and demonstration purposes.

Whether you’re involved in training, development, or presentation: fischertechnik Training Models are used worldwide in planning and simulations. They can be used to plan, develop, and test industrial processes. They have a variety of uses, especially in relation to the topic of Industry 4.0.