fischertechnik construction kits for big and small

fischertechnik is an educational toy “Made in Germany,” and is manufactured at the Salzstetten location in the northern Black Forest.

With fischertechnik, children can experience technology firsthand and learn through play. Discover how to turn a variety of different building blocks into new models again and again, with countless possible variations. From great basic building blocks to refined technology details, you can combine everything for play and fun without limits!

fischertechnik construction sets ...

  • …promote hand-eye coordination
  • …promote gross and fine motor skills
  • …promote spatial thinking abilities
  • …promote fantasy and creativity
  • …promote logical thinking skills
  • …teach basic technical understanding.

Broad acceptance among parents, teachers, and engineers makes fischertechnik not just a valuable pedagogical toy, but also a successful teaching tool at schools and universities.

Marble Competition
Action ball track in building set

Learning through play with fischertechnik construction sets

The fischertechnik construction kits give children their first insight into the world of technology. Both boys and girls get their money's worth. Kids can build a wide variety of constructions such as vehicles, tractors, helicopters, trucks, cable cars, Ferris wheels or even their very own creations. Topics such as mechanics, statics, pneumatics, solar technology, physics and many more are taught in a playful way and promote practical learning.

fischertechnik for adults

Not only children can challenge themselves and try out new things with the fischertechnik construction kits. Adults also get their money's worth out of the play instinct with the more complex models of the PROFI line. Our large fischertechnik fan community is growing and presents creative and highly sophisticated projects that make every engineer's heart beat faster.