That´s fischerTiP


fischer TiPs are made of potato starch colored with food dyes. The advantages of potato starch are clear:

  • Sticks without glue, therefore safe and harmless
  • Outstanding adhesive characteristics
  • Brilliant, powerful, lustrous colors
  • Renewable raw material and therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • 100% bio-degradable!
  • Neutral odour
  • High quality “Made in Germany“



Creative crafting with fischerTiPs also supports lots of properties for children’s physical development:

  • fischerTiPs motivate kids and inspire them to collaborate.
  • fischerTiPs promote social behavior in groups.
  • fischerTiPs promote children’s motor skills.
  • fischerTiPs promote concentration.
  • fischerTiPs promote three-dimensional thinking abilities.
  • fischerTiPs unleash creativity.
  • fischerTiPs promote childhood development through sensory experiences, independent experimentation, creative design, and exciting discoveries.
  • fischerTiPs promote perceptiveness.
  • fischerTiPs promote the development of color recognition.


This is how it works

Step 1

Step 1

Moisten the sponge cloth with water.
Step 2

Step 2

Lightly squeeze out.
Step 3

Step 3

Tip the TiPs briefly on the sponge cloth.
Step 4

Step 4

Just press the TiPs against each other.

Play and fun

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