The fischerTiP creative material

17 Product variant (s) found

17 Product variant (s) found

fischerTiP 100

fischerTiP 100 Art.-No. 508773

A handy bucket for getting started with fischerTiPs
fischerTiP 300

fischerTiP 300 Art.-No. 533781

A whole bucket of creativity
fischerTiP Backpack

fischerTiP Backpack Art.-No. 520393

On the go with fischerTiP
fischerTiP 600

fischerTiP 600 Art.-No. 533782

Buckets of creativity
fischerTiP 1200

fischerTiP 1200 Art.-No. 533784

Limitless creativity
fischerTiP Princess 600

fischerTiP Princess 600 Art.-No. 536616

Be a princess
fischerTiP Unicorn 600

fischerTiP Unicorn 600 Art.-No. 540824

Dive into a fantastical world of unicorns
fischerTiP Princess Backpack

fischerTiP Princess Backpack Art.-No. 544627

Be a princess for once
fischerTiP Box S

fischerTiP Box S Art.-No. 40993

Economical box for getting started with fischerTiPs
fischerTiP Alpaca

fischerTiP Alpaca Art.-No. 548968

Dive into the world of fluffy alpaca
fischerTiP Box L

fischerTiP Box L Art.-No. 40994

A box full of crafting fun
fischerTiP Box XM

fischerTiP Box XM Art.-No. 41622

Creativity without limits
fischerTiP Box M

fischerTiP Box M Art.-No. 49111

Open the box and get started ...
fischerTiP Premium Box XL

fischerTiP Premium Box XL Art.-No. 516179

One box with everything you need
fischerTiP Fashion Box

fischerTiP Fashion Box Art.-No. 520391

For the designers of tomorrow
fischerTiP Box XXL

fischerTiP Box XXL Art.-No. 49114

The perfect box for kindergartens, with tools
fischerTiP Refill Box XXL

fischerTiP Refill Box XXL Art.-No. 49115

The perfect refill box for kindergartens
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The fischerTiP creative material

The secret of the TiPs is their raw material multicolour potato starch dyed with food colours. The starch starts to stick naturally as soon as it comes in contact with water.