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fischertechnik education

Discover, conceive, construct, build, learn: This drives us - a lifetime. At fischertechnik, we also call it "technology through play." For more than 50 years, we have been creating for children and students parts, construction sets and building systems that can be used to awaken different interests for all age groups and school types, to promote talent and stimulate sustainable learning.

Many instructors at schools, colleges and universities around the world know about the motivating and exploring effect that fischertechnik has on children and students. Our design sets were found early on the toy market in state and non-state training rooms. fischertechnik Education systems continue to build on this success story. With increasing success through ever new themes and ideas relevant to the curriculum.

Particularly important for the future: fischertechnik systems connect the world of conventional technology with the digital world. This is very recognizable in mechanics and robotics, since one is no longer without the other today.

fischertechnik building block- Basic product
To this day, the fischertechnik basic building block is the basis of all fischertechnik products. It looks the same today as it did fifty years ago. This is because it is open to any development and can be expanded from any of its six sides. When it was developed, no one could have guessed that it would still be able to provide its services in the best possible way in the age of MINT and robotics. Today, fischertechnik education offers four lines for success in technical and scientific education on this basis: MINT Kits, MINT Robotics, MINT Sets and Training Models.
Programming and Robotics with fischertechnik
Learning to program is child's play with fischertechnik! Even in elementary school, students can find an age-appropriate introduction to the world of programming with First Coding. In this way, children are introduced to the technology of the future in a playful way. With the more advanced products from fischertechnik, secondary school students and trainees can also learn programming with different focuses such as autonomous driving or IoT. The focus here is on programming and using controllers and various add-ons.
STEM and MINT: fischertechnik Education knows how
Economics and science complain about the lack of motivated and well-trained applicants in this area. Therefore, appropriate teaching and learning tools are also needed. We at fischertechnik Education know how!
Simulation models for vocational and higher education
Model building and simulation are still the royal road to testing new technology today. Engineers around the world use our large product kits to build models, simulate experiments and solve their challenges. But schools can also use fischertechnik's prefabricated industrial simulation models to teach learners about various simulations of factories, high-bay warehouses, conveyor belts or gripping robots.

"Understanding technology through play" with fischertechnik.

Discovering, understanding, constructing, building, learning: that's what drives us - all our lives. At fischertechnik, we also call it "grasping technology through play". Our goal is to arouse different interests, promote talents and encourage sustainable learning for children, pupils and students with components, construction kits and building systems suitable for every age group and type of school.

The increasing complexity of technology with its development towards Industry 4.0 makes it more and more challenging for teachers and learners to convey and process content. Therefore, the demand on learning materials must be to first reduce complexity and then develop it further.

This is exactly what the fischertechnik systems make possible! They can be combined and expanded on a project basis so that the basic principles of technology and physics can be experienced. Following on from this, the development towards robotics can be taught and learned. In addition, individual projects and problems from the real world can be optimally simulated and solved with fischertechnik. The haptic and digital worlds are thus ideally combined. Our labor market needs these core competencies. Anyone who masters them will have the best career prospects.

Didactic concept of fischertechnik

The innovative learning material fischertechnik supports you in conveying technical understanding in a practical way and in bringing the STEM subjects mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology closer to your pupils, students or trainees.

  • All learning material is freely accessible online 
  • The reference to the educational plan, the learning objectives and the time required are shown. 
  • Lesson plans incl. task sheets and solutions with reference to the education plan 
  • Varied, practice-oriented lessons 
  • Enable entry-level projects up to more complex constructions and subject matter 
  • promote technical understanding 
  • promote communication and teamwork skills and a sense of responsibility 
  • support project and group work in the classroom 
  • stimulate logical thinking, comprehension skills and creativity

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