Learning material
for MINT

Every lesson thrives on exciting topics that inspire not only teachers but also learners. To ideally support teachers in the preparation and implementation of their STEM lessons, we at fischertechnik offer free learning materials to go with our education products. Functional models go hand in hand with comprehensive didactic materials. These were developed together with pedagogical universities, teachers and didacticians, ideally address the needs of teaching and are successfully used in schools as well as in training and further education worldwide. 

The innovative learning materials support you in conveying technical understanding in a practical way and in bringing the STEM subjects of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology closer to your students or trainees.

Introduction to topics 

The fischertechnik learning material covers various technical topics depending on the product or STEM area. These topic introductions provide content such as definitions, history, basic knowledge and much more, which can be optimally used for lesson preparation and integrated into the lessons.

Curriculum reference, learning objectives and time required 

The learning material includes an overview of the learning objectives, the time required for the tasks and the respective curriculum references for the individual federal states in Germany. This means that each product can be perfectly planned and integrated into the lesson through individual assignment.

Tasks and solutions for use in the classroom 

In line with the curriculum-relevant topics, various task sheets are included, within which different experiments are covered. We provide these task sheets in editable format (Word), so that you can still make individual adjustments if necessary. The tasks themselves are divided into a construction task, thematic task and experiment task. In this way, you progress from building, to learning technical content, to applying the knowledge you have gained. The solutions to the tasks are available free of charge.