Winning prizes


fischertechnik products have been impressing fans for years by regularly winning prizes and awards from numerous institutes, official bodies, and important consumer organizations.

These awards are a great recognition of our work, and also confirm the success of the fischertechnik corporate philosophy. They are a challenge to continue working to develop innovative, forward-thinking topics. It is with great pleasure that we're doing just that.

Awards 2022

Overall winner and double category winner at the German Toy Award 2022

The programming starter kit Early Coding and the Junior Engineer kit won over the public vote and the jury. The Early Coding kit was the overall winner and also took first place in the "Games and Technology" category. The child-friendly construction kit enables simple robot programming.
In the "For the Youngest" category, the fischertechnik Junior Engineer construction kit convinced the jury of the German Toy Award. It offers fun with twelve easy-to-construct models such as a solar helicopter, a moon vehicle or a solar boat. 

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Award for sustainable commitment

fischertechnik has received an award from Focus Money for its sustainable commitment for the third time. In cooperation with ServiceValue and Deutschland Test, the financial magazine had a representative survey conducted among the German population of 1,530 suppliers from 113 industries and product categories. The key question: Which company is committed to sustainability? There was a clear result among toy manufacturers. Most of the consumers surveyed said that fischertechnik was behaving in an exemplary manner. As a result, the company came out on top in its sector and was honored by Focus Money with the "Sustainable Commitment: No. 1" award.

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Category winner of the "Toy Award 2022"

Our new Animal Friends product was awarded the Toy Award, one of the most important seals of approval in the industry. The fischertechnik Animal Friends construction set convinced the jury with its sustainable concept in the "Sustainability" category. The building blocks of the construction kit for children from the age of six consist of 60 percent renewable raw materials.

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Award for outstanding customer satisfaction

fischertechnik was awarded for its outstanding customer satisfaction by the DtGV - the German Association for Consumer Studies - in the context of the study "German Customer Awards 2021/2022 - Germany's Best Brands".

The "German Customer Award 2020/21 - Germany's Best Brand" is an online survey. Consumers aged between 18 and 79 years with a gender distribution of 51.65 percent female and 48.45 percent male were asked about their experiences with various brands. The study was conducted from August 2021 to October 2021.

Information on past awards

Das Goldene Schaukelpferd (The Golden Rocking Horse)

The 50 most original and fun toys in Germany are nominated by the family magazine "familie&co" and the German Association of the Toy Industry. The toys are tested in various categories and an overall winner is chosen.
With its Dynamic XL product, fischertechnik was the overall winner in the "Play and Technology" category in 2014.


  • 2019 - Category winner "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Hydraulic).
  • 2019 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (ADVANCED Funny Machines)
  • 2019 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (JUNIOR Easy Starter S)
  • 2018 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (ROBOTICS TXT Smart Home)
  • 2017 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (ROBOTICS BT Smart Beginner Set)
  • 2016 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Dynamic S)
  • 2015 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Pneumatic Power)
  • 2014 - Overall winner "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Dynamic XL)
  • 2014 - Category winner "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Dynamic XL)
  • 2013 - Category winner "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Optics)
  • 2012 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Pneumatic 3)
  • 2011 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Dynamic)
  • 2010 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Technical Revolutions)
  • 2009 - Category winner "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI Oeco Tech)
  • 2008 - Nomination "The Golden Rocking Horse" (PROFI da Vinci Machines)

Deutscher Spielzeugpreis (German Toy Award)

The German Toy Award ("Deutscher Spielzeugpreis") has replaced the renowned award „Das Goldene Schaukelpferd“ since 2021. The prize was initiated by the family magazine „familie&co“ and is the only award for toys in German-speaking countries that is voted for by consumers. fischertechnik has already been named a prize-winner several times in the past.


  • 2021 - Category Winner "Deutscher Spielzeugpreis" (Green Energy - Category "Play and Technology")
  • 2021 - Nomination "Deutscher Spielzeugpreis" (Funny Reactions - Category "Play and Technology")
  • 2021 - Nomination "Deutscher Spielzeugpreis" (Green Energy - Category "Play and Technology")
  • 2021 - Nomination "Deutscher Spielzeugpreis" (Robotics Smarttech - Category "Play and Technology")

Top 10 Spielzeug (Top 10 Toy)

The "TOP 10 Spielzeug" is a marketing campaign for toys and leisure articles in Germany. The highlights of the year are selected by the German Association of Toy Retailers (BVS) together with the "TOP 10 Spielzeug" jury.


  • 2021 - Winner "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI H2 Fuel Cell Car)
  • 2021 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI H2 Fuel Cell Car)
  • 2021 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI Funny Reactions)
  • 2018 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI Dynamic XM)
  • 2017 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (ADVANCED BT Racing Set)
  • 2016 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (ADVANCED Universal Starter)
  • 2015 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI Pneumatic Power)
  • 2013 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI Oeco Energy)
  • 2012 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (PROFI Pneumatic 3 / Rolling Action)
  • 2007 - Nomination "TOP 10 Spielzeug" (ADVANCED Ships+More)

spiel gut (play well)

The "spiel gut" seal of approval is awarded by the Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel und Spielzeug e.V. (Working Committee for Children's Games and Toys) for special toys. The "spiel gut" award is aimed at educationally valuable toys in Germany and has been regarded as an award for outstanding play materials since 1954. With this award, "spiel gut" wants to promote good toys, raise awareness of the importance of play and advise consumers. 

The play material is tested in test families or institutions and evaluated in an extensive questionnaire. Afterwards, the product, together with the experiences from the practical testing, is presented to the "spiel gut" committee, which then decides on the award.
The panel is made up of experts from science, practice and from many fields that are important for games and toys: e.g. medicine, education, technology, chemistry, environmental protection, design, architecture, sociology and psychology. Most of the experts are parents themselves. The evaluation is independent of the toy industry and trade.

Award-winning products:

Advanced Funny Reactions
Profi Retro Mechanics
Profi E-Tronic
Profi Solar Power
Profi H2 Fuel Cell Car
Profi Green Energy
Profi Strong Pneumatics
Advanced Funny Machines
Profi Hydraulic
Advanced Universal 4
Profi Dynamic Trampoline
Profi Dynamic XM
Advanced Tractors
Advanced Solar
Robotics BT Smart Beginner Set
Advanced Racers
Profi Mechanic & Static2
Dynamic L2
Kugelbahn Dynamic S
Advanced Universal Starter
Profi Pneumatic Power
Dynamic Tuning Set
Kugelbahn Dynamic M
Plus Accu Set
Plus Box 1000

Dr. Toys

The "Dr. Toy's Best Award" from the USA honours products that deal with topics such as sustainability, natural resources and regenerative energies and teach children to be mindful of the environment.


  • 2014 - Nomination USA - "DR. TOY'S Best Picks" (PROFI Dynamic XL)
  • 2014 - Nomination USA - "DR. TOY'S Best Green" (PROFI Oeco Energy)
  • 2014 - Nomination USA - "DR. TOY'S Socially Responsible" (ADVANCED Solar)
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Spielen macht Schule (Playing is educational)

To make learning easier for elementary school students, the “ZNL TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen” (ZNL Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning) and the Frankfurt association “Mehr Zeit für Kinder” (More Time for Kids) started the “Spielen macht Schule” initiative in 2007.
Elementary schools that apply with a concept can win free equipment for a play room. The focus is on finding smart ways to integrate playing into instruction, and giving students opportunities to learn through play outside of school hours.
fischertechnik promotes these initiatives.  Some of our products were tested by the ZNL TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen in Ulm. The test focused on the educational aspects of the toys in relation to the social, personal, cognitive, and motor-skills development of children between 6 and 10 years of age. The following construction sets were recommended by the teachers and psychologists at the TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen (ZNL) for the “Spielen macht Schule” campaign:
• fischertechnik ADVANCED Universal 3
• fischertechnik PROFI Oeco Energy
• fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Discovery Set


Sustainability combines aspects such as environmental protection, technology and innovation as well as economic success and social responsibility. At fischertechnik, we see all of this as one of our learning processes for living, working and managing in harmony with nature.


  • Award winner "Sustainable Commitment" by Focus Money 2021
  • Award for "Most Sustainable Companies in Baden-Württemberg" from the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten 2020.
  • Member of the Fair Toys Organisation
  • Award winner "Sustainable Commitment" by Focus Money 2019



2008 - Category Winner "Speelgoed van het Jaar" (Toy of the Year/Belgium) (PROFI da Vinci Machines)