Accompanying material
for the Training Factory 4.0 9V V.2

Not only in the vocation school and apprenticeship but also at universities for education and development and in companies and IT departments: The learning environment of fischertechnik helps in learning and grasping Industry 4.0 applications. The simulation model depicts a holistic production process from ordering process to production process to delivery process in digitalised and networked process steps.

The digitally driven transformation in industrial production has resulted in a closer networking and an advanced information flow on all production levels. The fischertechnik Learning Factory 4.0 mediates the digitalisation activities by simulation and applied learning to be able to find implementation in major style. The fischertechnik Learning Factory 4.0 is a highly flexible, modular as well as economical and robust training and simulation model.

Most important topics of the training factory

fischertechnik Cloud

This service is not available for all other models.


Both via mobile devices and via laptop and PC.


Already loaded with programming environment at delivery.

Environmental Sensor

Environmental influences play a significant role in a factory: So, the humidity and air temperature can make an impact on sensitive technologies, the air quality and the air pressure can severely impair the functioning of the employees or even promote it.

These values are recorded in the Learning Factory 4.0 by the fischertechnik environmental sensor and communicated to the fischertechnik cloud via TXT controller to then be analysed on the dashboard.

USB Camera

An automated production facility demands the potential of remote monitoring: Highly specialised qualified people are often necessary to identify the source of error in a fault. The qualified person can see the entire facility through remote access, using the USB camera and locate the problem. The fault can be eliminated in this way in communication with the workers on site, without requiring the qualified person to be present locally.

You can find detailed information on fischertechnik USB camera here.

Traffic Light

In order to visualise the faults in the modern production facility, traffic light-like lights are mounted: The current status of the Learning Factory 4.0 can be identified at the first glance. In this, the green light stands for undisturbed production, a yellow light for a fault and a red light for the stop of production.

Mounted centrally, the traffic light thus helps to quickly identify and rectify problems.