Fan Club Day 2018

1,200 attendees visited our Tumlingen and Salzstetten locations for the Intern Info Day and fischertechnik Fan Club Day. 

For the first time, the Intern Info Day and fischertechnik Fan Club Day were held on the same day. Attendees on June 30th could choose from a total of 20 different stations offering a wide variety of program options in Tumlingen and Salzstetten. In addition to applicants and their families learning about the benefits of training or studying at our company, the events attracted plenty of fans of our fischertechnik products.

One high point of Fan Club Day, of course, was the big fischertechnik model exhibition in Tumlingen - obligatory viewing for almost everyone who attended. The event was a hit once again, with 90 fans traveling to Waldachtal to present their painstakingly designed creations - including an authentic reproduction of R2-D2 - to the world. 

Anyone who wanted to see a little more could simply take the shuttle bus back to Salzstetten to tour the production facility, put together their own fischertechnik construction set, or take advantage of the deals at the big sale to get construction sets and fischerTiP products at attractive special prices. Fans were especially excited to see the exhibition of new products fischertechnik will be launching this year.

Once again this year, a raffle with fischertechnik prizes was another great attraction: Attendees could buy tickets for one euro at various stations. All of the money collected will be donated to the DrachenEi initiative.

In addition, there were live streamed videos of the programming for anyone who couldn’t make it to Fan Club Day. 

All in all, the day was a complete success - we’d like to thank everyone for coming out!