Organ playing robot

by Marcel

"I have developed a robot that can both play the organ and speak."

Wow, a robot that can talk, walk and play the organ!
Marcel tells more about his robot, which he built especially for the 10th anniversary of the fischertechnik club day in the Netherlands. The robot was well received not only by the fans but also by the press.
Marcel not only built the robot himself, but also developed everything around it: Writing the music into the software, the switch cabinets and an interface with an 8255 microprocessor which can control 24 switches from a Commodore 64.
Everything is managed by a Commodore-128 computer with a self-designed interface. Because the software in the Commodore 64 was too big, Marcel had to write the programming in machine language.
The robot weighs about 10 kilos. The construction and programming of the robot took about 4 years. The biggest part of the work was the creation of the software.

The robot can speak the following sentences:

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen."
"Welcome to our fischertechnik club."
"You can say that everything to do with fischertechnik is here."
"I am constructed by Marcel, with subdivisions from fischertechnik. “
"It's a hobby of Marcel's."
"Now I'll play for you: Jingle Bell."
"That was: Jingle Bell."
"Now I'll play for you: Big City."
"Now I conclude the demonstration and thank you for your interest."

The press

Marcel tells:

"Because I have many contacts with editors from our region, the Dutch regional newspaper knew that I was working on the project 'Organ Playing Robot'. On November 6, 2001, a newspaper editor and a photographer were at my door. Afterwards I was with the organ playing robot in the Dutch regional newspaper. I also received a call from Radio 10 Gold. Thereupon the organ playing robot played on the keyboard, which you could hear on the radio over the phone. In addition, a television station wanted to see my organ playing robot.
On November 9, 2001, when my robot was already packed for the club day of November 10, 2001, I received another call from ANP, Radio I, BRT (Belgium) and ZDF (Germany). In four days I was contacted by 32 editors in total, and the robot was also mentioned in international newspapers.
On a club day, on 27 May 2006 in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) and on 9 May 2009, in Ridderkerk, even Arthur Fischer visited my organ playing robot".