Huge marble run  

by Jan Ole 

Wow, that is a huge marble run! It is a proud 80 cm long, 58 cm wide and 1.10 m tall! 

Jan Ole assembled this marble run from the Rolling Action, PROFI Dynamic XS, 2x PROFI Dynamic S, PROFI Dynamic XM, PROFI Dynamic M, 2x PROFI Dynamic, PROFI Dynamic L2, PROFI Dynamic XL, PROFI Dynamic XXL, 2x PROFI Dynamic Tuning Set und PROFI Dynamic Highspeed Tuning Set building sets. It yields a total track length of 35.60 m - that is really great work

Jan Ole used the following components in his model:  

4x chain lifts (15 magnets)
3x XS motors
1x S motor
4x Rainbow LEDs
6x small looping
1x large looping
32 different tracks
1x stop
5x chutes
1x trampoline

Here is the overview of his track length:

157 long flexible tracks = 28.26 m
42 short flexible tracks = 3.78 m
18 high-speed tracks = 3.24 m
1 flexible tube = 0.32 m
in total = 35.60 m