Ferris wheel

from Markus

Wow, what a Ferris wheel! The grandiose Giant Ferris Wheel was built after the Giant Ferris Wheel from the Vienna Prater by Markus. Read for yourself what Markus tells about his model.
"During my numerous stays in Vienna since the end of the 80s, I have seen the Ferris wheel so often that at some point I started to build it. The first model was still yellow, the following models were grey. This model is the last of four models.

Main features of the original: rope-tensioned grey steel construction with 15 gondolas, which consist of a red box, a grey roof and white framed windows and doors.

The model is 180 cm high and consists of about 8000 parts. The previous model was 298 cm high. It took me about seven hours to assemble it, because I had to disassemble the wheel tire and the tripods for transport. The wheel hoop is built in a way that it can stay whole for transport. This reduces the assembly time to about 2 hours.

The whole construction is made of fischertechnik. The following parts could not be realized with fischertechnik.
1. the ball bearing axle is made of 8 mm threaded rod.
2. the mounting discs for the ropes are made of PVC
3. the ropes are made of grey woven 2 mm polypropylene cords The eyelets at the rope ends are crimped with ferrules.

Because I could not realize the essential optical features of the wagons on this scale with fischertechnik, I built them completely from foreign material. The walls and floors are made of polysterol. The roof is made of grey plastic pipe. The windows and doors are laser cut from a special self-adhesive plastic.

The wheel is driven, like in the original, by two circulating ropes. A gearbox with an XM motor on one side drives the cable, while a spring-loaded roller device on the other side keeps the cable under tension.

The model has 30 cabins, as before the war. After that, the original only needed 15 cabins."

We congratulate Markus on this fantastic model!