Worldrecord bridge

World record in Waldachtal: A 45-meter-long cable-stayed bridge, built of fischertechnik bricks, was the highlight of the fischertechnik Fan Club Day on July 24.
With a length of 45.55 meters, the bridge is the world's largest model ever built with fischertechnik construction blocks. The world record was set at the company's headquarters in Waldachtal. About 1,400 visitors from Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, as well as from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan admired the fischertechnik structure.
The gigantic bridge model was prepared by the passionate fischertechnik model builder Michael Stratmann over months of planning. It consists of approximately 53,000 fischertechnik blocks and has a length of 45.55 meters. Two six-meter-high pylons are the anchor points for the sloped ropes. The famous Russki Bridge, which connects the Russian city of Vladivostok with the island of Russki, served as a model for the project of the 42-year-old diploma computer scientist who comes from near Frankfurt.
"I never built the model in full before," says Michael Stratmann. Thus, it was a particularly exciting moment at the fischertechnik Fan Club Day, when the last support was removed and the bridge model stood by itself.