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Fan models in 2021

Easter egg painting machine, by Philipp, 11 years
Roller coaster, by Nils, 10 years
Magnifying Glasses, by Luis
Solar boat, by Luis, 9 years
Wheel loader, by Tobias, 11 years
Crane, by Jannis, 11 years
Crane, by Joshua
Motorised car, by Valentin, 9 years
Drone, by Jona, 10 years
3D printer, by Simon, 13 years
Marble run 1,36m, by Simon, 13 years
Crane, by Jonas, 11 years
Fan, by Felix, 11 years
Blackboard, by Wendelin
Tractor, by Joshua

Fan models of the last year

Conveyor belt, by Tom, 8 years
Carousel, by Frank
Remote controlled heavy transport for an excavator, by Kai
Remote controlled excavator, by Rasmus, 14 years
Marble run, by Philipp, 11 years
Marble run, by Niklas, 10 years
Marble run, vehicles and windmill, by David
Remote controlled bicycle, by Lukas, 12 years
Pneumatic high security cell window, by Nils, 10 years
Remote controlled mobile crane, by Rasmus, 14 years
Search robot, by Felix
Boat, by Aron, 11 years
Kit, by Timo, 8 years
Air trap, by Felix, 10 years
Mixer, by Kilian, 9 years
Plotter, by Peter
Stacker with camera, by Janus, 10 years
Train, by Thibault, 11 years
Marble run, by Stefan, 10 years
Marble run, by Collin, 9 years
Marble run, by Jan
by Dakshin