Class Set Simple Machines

Playful teaching of basic mechanical and technical principles

Art.-No. 564061
Top Facts:
  • Class set for primary level
  • One class set contains 16 single sets
  • One class set is suitable for, for example, 30 students and one teacher
  • Getting to know basic mechanical and technical principles
  • Info about the subject area and several experiments available online

Product Description

There is a whole range of physical laws inside this construction kit. STEM Simple Machines covers the topics on which the various tools and machines are based (rope and bar, lever, pulley, and inclined plane). But we don’t just get to explore complex mechanical functions like those of a differential gear – we also examine exciting models from our pupils' everyday lives in great detail and give them those eureka moments! The mechanics of a screw clamp and a pulley is just one example of the mechanical functions that we explore. We will be able to measure and check the results of the practical experiments with the help of the spring balance included in the kit.

To the teaching material


In the education set included:

  • Gear wheels
  • Cable winch

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 2 x 1000er Box cm
Number of models 10
Number of parts 149 per sorting box / 2384 total
EAN-Code 4048962458480