Starter Set for micro:bit

Programming in primary school

Art.-No. 548884
Top Facts:
  • 3 Models
  • 90 Components
  • Required: micro:bit board, software and power supply

Product Description

The new “Starter Set for micro:bit” by fischertechnik teaches the basic principles of programming with micro:bit single board computers for students grades three and up in an easy to understand way. This complete set includes a fischertechnik part set for building three stationary models and the new fischertechnik “micro:bit IO F5 adapter”. The adapter board has 8 outputs and 6 inputs. It can be used to control simple, easy to understand demonstration models (a pedestrian walk sign, hand dryer, barrier) equipped with actuators and sensors using the “micro:bit board”. The additional pedagogical manual offers help in starting up the models, a variety of exciting tasks, and is available free of charge as a download from the eLearning portal.

Additional instructional materials:

The following are available for free download from the fischertechnik eLearning portal: Didactic material, Programming examples, information on the Micro:bit board, information on the fischertechnik IO adapte and information on the Make Code software

Product contents:

Total of 90 parts, including 1 x XS motor, 2 x buttons, 1 x photo transistor, 2 x LED lights, 1 x fischertechnik IO adapter and 1 x printed building manual included, 1 x didactic materials available online and 1 x sturdy storage box with cover sheet and list of parts.

Main subjects:
  • Early programming
  • Use and applications of sensors and actuators
  • Controlling, measurement, and regulation
  • Cooperation and interactions between hardware and software
  • Group work in different roles

learning goals

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Independently handling the first steps of robotic programming
  • Independently creating, changing, and applying short programs
  • Learning and applying basic robotic principles
  • Understanding the meaning and function of sensors and actuators
  • Getting familiar with topics like controlling, measurement and regulation
  • Working in groups and in different roles


In the construction set included:

  • micro:bit iO F5 adapter board
  • XS motor
  • 2x light barrier LEDs
  • phototransistor
  • 2x buttons

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 440x315x80 cm
Number of models 3
EAN-Code 4048962350944

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