The ADVANCED line from fischertechnik

9 Product variant (s) found

9 Product variant (s) found


Racers Art.-No. 540580

Fast racers, at an attractive price

Solar Art.-No. 544616

Discover playfully solar power with a solar rotor
Funny Reactions

Funny Reactions Art.-No. 559890

Fascinating chain reactions with fischertechnik
Universal Starter

Universal Starter Art.-No. 536618

Versatile beginner's set at a low price

Tractors Art.-No. 544617

3 tractors with functional axle pivot steering

Trucks Art.-No. 540582

Powerful trucks with lots of functions
Universal 4

Universal 4 Art.-No. 548885

THE perfect starter kit with 40 models
Funny Machines

Funny Machines Art.-No. 551588

Funny chain reactions for young designers 
BT Racing Set

BT Racing Set Art.-No. 540584

Cool vehicles with a new design
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The ADVANCED line from fischertechnik

Seven-year olds develop their knowledge and capabilities with the blue line. The models are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but really robust in construction and for playing.