Strong Pneumatics

Powerful pneumatic models

Art.-No. 559876
Top Features:
  • Speed regulation of movements via exhaust air throttle valves
  • Different directions of movement possible

Product Description

The use of pneumatics and its decisive advantages is nowadays indispensable in many areas. These include, on the one hand, the robust compressed air system that can be used in the face of a wide range of environmental influences and, on the other hand, the unlimited fuel of air that guarantees long-term operation. Even children can be introduced to this important topic with the help of pneumatic toys. Simple pneumatic models illustrate the functions of pneumatics and the use of compressed air.So that children can learn about and try out the subject of pneumatics, fischertechnik offers the "Strong Pneumatics" pneumatics toy, which with its realistic models and components enables quick and easy understanding and promotes technical imagination. 6 different models guarantee exciting adventures for young constructors. In addition to a log grapple and a front loader, for example, a double roundabout rake is included in the construction kit. With the help of their pneumatic valves and hoses, the compressor or the exhaust air throttles, the pneumatic models demonstrate the many different ways in which they function and thus enable various movements to be carried out.The powerful pneumatic models of the fischertechnik "Strong Pneumatics" construction kit, for children aged 9 and over, teach the basics of pneumatics realistically and, in addition to a great learning effect, above all offer exciting adventures and lots of fun in the children's room!In addition, accompanying information on the subject is available online to delve even deeper into the world of pneumatics.


In the construction set included:

  • 1x compressor
  • 3x Pneumatic cylinder
  • 3x exhaust throttle
  • 3x manual valve
Parts summary


  • Speed regulation
  • Different directions of movement
  • Functional pneumatic cylinders

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 32 x 8 x 46,5 cm
Number of models 6
Number of parts 660
Volume 0,012
EAN-Code 4048962424577

Documents for Downloading

Single Part list Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set