Strong Pneumatics

Powerful pneumatic models

Art.-No. 559876
Top Features:
  • Speed regulation of movements via exhaust air throttle valves
  • Different directions of movement possible

Product Description

Even as early as the third century, people understood how practical and exciting pneumatics is! This building set teaches the fundamentals of pneumatics in a fun way, showing how components like compressors, pneumatic valves and cylinders, and an exhaust throttle valve work using realistic models, and demonstrating why this technology has been around for such a long time. It allows young inventors to enjoy exciting adventures at home with their tractor with tree grabber, front loader or double swather.


In the construction Set includet

  • 1x compressor
  • 3x Pneumatic cylinder
  • 3x exhaust throttle
  • 3x manual valve
Parts summary


  • Speed regulation
  • Different directions of movement
  • Functional pneumatic cylinders

Technical Data

Technical Data

Size of packaging 32 x 8 x 46,5 cm
Number of models 6
Number of parts 660
Volume 0,012
EAN-Code 4048962424577

Documents for Downloading

Single Part list Overview of the included fischertechnik parts in the construction set