The fischertechnik lines … for all ages

45 Product variant (s) found

45 Product variant (s) found

Easy Starter Trucks

Easy Starter Trucks Art.-No. 554194

Construction site vehicles: toy excavator and construction site truck
Easy Starter S

Easy Starter S Art.-No. 548902

Easy start with extra large components
Easy Starter Fire Trucks

Easy Starter Fire Trucks Art.-No. 554193

Cool fire engine for toddlers from 3 years
Little Starter

Little Starter Art.-No. 511929

The beginner's construction set for little engineers
Jumbo Starter

Jumbo Starter Art.-No. 511930

Many different models for young fischertechnik beginners
Easy Starter L

Easy Starter L Art.-No. 548903

Big starter kit with new, large components

Racers Art.-No. 540580

Fast racers, at an attractive price
Funny Reactions

Funny Reactions Art.-No. 559890

Fascinating chain reactions with fischertechnik
Universal Starter

Universal Starter Art.-No. 536618

Versatile beginner's set at a low price

Solar Art.-No. 544616

Discover playfully solar power with a solar rotor

Tractors Art.-No. 544617

3 tractors with functional axle pivot steering
Universal 4

Universal 4 Art.-No. 548885

THE perfect starter kit with 40 models
Funny Machines

Funny Machines Art.-No. 551588

Funny chain reactions for young designers 
Dynamic XS - Marble run

Dynamic XS - Marble run Art.-No. 536619

Inexpensive marble run set
Dynamic S - Marble run

Dynamic S - Marble run Art.-No. 536620

An easy way to get into the fascinating world of fischertechnik marble runs
Hanging Action Tower - Marble run

Hanging Action Tower - Marble run Art.-No. 554460

The world's first suspended marble run
Dynamic M - Marble run

Dynamic M - Marble run Art.-No. 533872

Acoustic components add sound to your marble runs
Dynamic XM - Marble run

Dynamic XM - Marble run Art.-No. 544618

Marble run and trampoline-action in the children’s room
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The fischertechnik lines … for all ages

Entry into the four different product lines is possible at any time. All of this taken together forms a logical concept where one fits with the other. Building block for building block. It doesn't matter how demanding the models become because you can always return to the components from other fischertechnik sets. To help you with the construction and discovery at the fascinating fischertechnik world, there is a comprehensive and easy to understand set of assembly instructions.