BT Smart Controller, red

To control the BT Smart Beginner Set construction set

Art.-No. 161944

Product Description

The controller has four inputs (I1-14) for connecting sensors (buttons, phototransistors), 2 outputs (M1-M2) for connecting actuators (motors, lamps), an LED as an operating indicator, a DC bushing to connect a power supply (9 V DC), 2 connection bushings for a 9V battery holder or a rechargeable battery pack, a mini USB connection for transmitting data from the PC to the controller and a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless interface for wirelessly transmitting data between the controller, a PC or a tablet. The frequency range is 2,402 GHz - 2,480 GHz, with a maximum transmission power of 1.37 mW.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Color red
Amperage Processor – 32-bit Cortex M0 / 2 outputs for actuators / 4 inputs for sensors / USB and Bluetooth 4.0 interface / control unit to connect PC/Tablet and model