Program and control

12 Product variant (s) found

12 Product variant (s) found

Mini switch, black

Mini switch, black Art.-No. 37783

The fischertechnik touch sensor
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, black

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, black Art.-No. 133009

Ideal for distance recognition
Photo resistor, yellow

Photo resistor, yellow Art.-No. 32698

For measuring brightness
IR-Track Sensor, black

IR-Track Sensor, black Art.-No. 128598

Ideal for lane recognition
Optical Color Sensor, black

Optical Color Sensor, black Art.-No. 128599

Ideal for color recognition
Reversing switch, black

Reversing switch, black Art.-No. 36708

Environmental sensor 10-pole

Environmental sensor 10-pole Art.-No. 167358

Measure humidity, air temperature, air pressure and air quality
Environmental sensor 6-pole

Environmental sensor 6-pole Art.-No. 182974

Measure humidity, air temperature, air pressure and air quality
NTC resistor 1.5 kΩ, silver

NTC resistor 1.5 kΩ, silver Art.-No. 36437

Perfectly suited for temperature measurement

Combi-Sensor Art.-No. 158402

3 sensors in one component
RGB glass sensor 10-pole

RGB glass sensor 10-pole Art.-No. 186705

RGB guest sensor 10-pole for TXT controller
RGB 6-pin guest sensor

RGB 6-pin guest sensor Art.-No. 183267

RGB guest sensor for TXT 4.0 controller
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Program and control

Successfully control and program fischertechnik models with fischertechnik sensors. All about fischertechnik sensors!