Advanced training
for MINT subjects

Our product portfolio is just as diverse as the STEM subjects themselves. We offer learning concepts in a wide range of subjects, such as robotics, electronics or simulation, for elementary and secondary schools as well as for vocational training and university studies. In order to familiarize teachers with our concepts and to facilitate their integration into regular teaching, we provide targeted support for teachers with our teacher training courses. In this way, you can combine practice and theory in a targeted manner in the classroom and impart knowledge to learners in a sustainable manner.

In our teacher training courses, our products are presented and explained in detail, with special emphasis on the product concept, in order to familiarize you with the trivial integration of fischertechnik learning kits in your lessons. Here, the functionally designed models and the comprehensive learning material incl. German education plan reference according to federal states are discussed.


The right teacher training with fischertechnik

You will learn about teaching with fischertechnik in theory and practice and try out for yourself how knowledge can be conveyed and acquired in a sustainable way. You will understand the achievable learning objectives and which competencies are specifically addressed, developed and promoted with fischertechnik. Technical topics are made comprehensible in a unique way and understood in a sustainable way.

These training courses are suitable for all interested teachers. Previous experience in teaching with fischertechnik is not required. 

fischertechnik teacher training courses are particularly suitable for:

  • Teachers of elementary school science classes 2 - 4
  • Teachers of STEM and robotics subjects at secondary schools, vocational schools, technical schools in grades 5 -12
Lehrerfortbildung Robotics

Dates and registrations for fischertechnik teacher training

The training events are held by educational experts, pedagogues and/or the fischertechnik trade partners.
A comprehensive offer is currently in the works. Here you can find current fischertechnik teacher training courses.

Here you will find an overview of current teacher training courses from Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG.