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Welcome to the fischertechnik eLearning Portal!

Our eLearning Portal gives you lots of instructive and helpful information on fischertechnik products. Informative contents, technical background information, didactic material, videos, tutorials, animations and much more can be found here.
What is a planetary gear? How does a windscreen wiper move? How do you build a stable bridge? You can find easy-to-understand answers to these questions and many more in the didactic information found here.
The offers on the eLearning Portal help by providing you with learning materials for both education and training, as well as construction toys for use in your homes, in order to help you better understand and teach about the technology.
We hope that you have fun learning and discovering through play with fischertechnik!


For more than 50 years, fischertechnik has been a popular construction toy, teaching about technology and future-oriented topics through the medium of play. The didactic material, videos and animations optimally support the discovery and comprehension of exciting topics such as mechanics, physics, electronics and robotics. For the inventors and engineers of tomorrow!
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For many years, fischertechnik has been successfully played a role in schools, further education and training. The innovative fischertechnik learning materials support you to practically teach about technology and to bring the core subjects of mathematics, information technology, science and technology closer to your students or trainees.
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fischertechnik is used nationally and internationally at numerous universities, technical colleges and in industrial vocational training, as well as in research facilities, to realistically represent and simulate complex systems. Industrial applications are planned and developed with processes being tested using the fischertechnik training models. Furthermore, technical documents, question asking, task assignment, personnel planning and much more is available.
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