For more than 50 years, fischertechnik has been a popular construction toy, teaching about technology and future-oriented topics through the medium of play.
The didactic material, videos and animations optimally support the discovery and comprehension of exciting topics such as mechanics, physics, electronics and robotics. For the inventors and engineers of tomorrow!

PROFI Pneumatic Power

Learning the basics of pneumatics through play
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PROFI Pneumatic 3

Get to grips with pneumatics by playing with realistic models
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PROFI Solar Power

Discover solar energy through the art of play
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PROFI Oeco Energy

Discover renewable energies through the art of play
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PROFI Mechanic & Static 2

Technical construction set for the mechanics, technicians and engineers of tomorrow
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PROFI Optics

Fascinating insight into the world of optics
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PROFI Cars & Drives

Insight into how different types of drives function
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PROFI Dynamic L2

Understand dynamics by playing with different functional models
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PROFI Dynamic XL

Discover exciting conveyor technology
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Learning the basics of dynamics through play
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PROFI Electronics

Learn the basics of electronics
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Step into the world of robotics
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BT Smart Beginner Set

Explore the basics of robotics through the art of play
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TXT Discovery Set

Control and program intelligent robot models
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TXT Electropneumatic

Discover electro-pneumatics through the art of play
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TXT Automation Robots

Program and control industrial robots at home
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TXT Explorer

Understand how exploration robots function through the art of play
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Discover how 3D printing technology works
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Understand the system of hydraulic with the fischertechnik Hydraulics kit.
didactic material Hydraulic

Smart SuperZoom

Do different experiments to understand the basics of optics!
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