General FAQs

There are parts missing or defective parts in a fischertechnik construction set I have just purchased - what should I do?

Even though we take the greatest possible care and monitor our products, fischertechnik does receive complaints from time to time - we’re very sorry to hear about your issue. Please click the Service/Complaints tab to inform us about your problem. Please include the product designation, missing / defective part number, and production number on the red slip inside your construction set in your message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Are the old gray building blocks compatible with the new ones?

fischertechnik parts of any age, including electrical / electronic components, are fully compatible with one another. Only the colors of the building blocks have changed, not their shapes.

Where can I find booklets and technical information on the construction sets?

You can find all the teaching booklets and further information on our construction sets in the PROFI and ROBOTICS lines in our eLearning portal.

What are typical sets used to get started with fischertechnik?

The ADVANCED Universal 3 and ADVANCED Universal Starter are ideal choices for getting started with fischertechnik. The Jumbo Starter and Little Starter construction sets are also good choices for children over 5.

How many different marble run kits are in our PROFI Dynamic Line?

Here you can see all informations about the fischertechnik marble runs.

For what ages are fischertechnik toys recommended?

You can find a recommended age on every package. Please note that we are only able to provide a recommendation. Your child’s personal development should be the deciding factor. As a parent, you should make an individual decision as to whether our products are suitable for your child.

Where can I view the current fischertechnik product portfolio?

At your local toy store, or check out our website under the Products tab for an overview of our current products. We would also be happy to send you a free brochure by mail. Please request a brochure on the website by clicking (the button?) “Contact” or by telephone at +49 (0)7443 12-4369.

Where can I order fischertechnik products?

Our full product line is available online at and in your local toy store. You can find a directory of retailers on our homepage under the tab Service / Dealer Search

Where can I order single parts from fischertechnik and older fischertechnik assembly instructions?

Single fischertechnik parts are available from our distribution partner santjohanser.


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Where can I purchase older fischertechnik construction sets that are no longer included in the current product portfolio?

We only offer our current range of construction sets from the factory. However, the online auction site Ebay (search term "fischertechnik") has proven to be a good source for older fischertechnik construction sets and rare individual parts. Rare items are also for sale there.

How can I find dealers near me?

You can find the nearest specialized dealer in your region using our dealer search. You can find the directory of retailers on our homepage under the tab Service / Dealer Search

When do fischertechnik factory sales take place?

A fischertechnik special sale takes place once each year (at the beginning of December) at our location in Waldachtal. You can find more information on the sale on our tab About Us / Dates. You can also learn about trade fairs and events where you can purchase fischertechnik products at great prices there.

What new products are coming out next year?

We always present our new products at the beginning of the year at the Nuremberg toy exhibition. We also publish our new catalog there.

Where can I find fischertechnik catalogs?

You can download catalogs and products under the “Downloads” tab. You are also welcome to request documents via e-mail at the e-mail address or by telephone by calling +49 (0)7443 12-4369. 

How much does it cost to download didactic activity booklets?

Downloading didactic activity booklets is free at eLearning. You just need some free memory on your computer and a working printer


How can I register for the fischertechnik Fan Club?

You can register for the fischertechnik Fan Club for free under the Toys / Fan Club tab. 

How can I sign up for the fischertechnik newsletter?

Go to to enter your name and e-mail address under the Service / Newsletter tab. We use our newsletter as a free way to inform you about our new products, sales, special offers, and much more.

How can I cancel my registration for the fischertechnik newsletter?

You can remove yourself from our e-mail list by clicking the cancellation link at the end of the newsletter.

Where can I order fischertechnik products?

At our licensed fischertechnik sales partners for the school sector. An overview of our worldwide partners can be found under the heading "Service/Trader Search."

Can I also purchase fischertechnik Education products privately?

Yes, at our licensed fischertechnik sales partners for the school sector. An overview of our worldwide partners can be found under the heading "Service/Trader Search."