Industry 4.0 / IoT

in 9V and 24V

The term "industry 4.0" stands for linking industrial production with intelligent and networked systems to enable lproduction to become as self-organized as possible.

Much of what is still a long way off today will be moving into modern production (SmartFactory). Experts agree this will come faster than is expected today, and are expanding the prospects for digital transformation.

With fischertechnik, much of what is important in a SmartFactory can already be simulated and tried out today ‑ and above all comprehensively demonstrated. Systems and machines communicate with each other via a networked software platform and, for example via the connection of a cloud, communicate the actual data to the connected data center in real time, which in turn automatically derives the next steps, e.g. activating the order, organizing stock replenishment or sending the pick-up order to the logistics department. 

The fischertechnik factory simulation and all other fischertechnik training models are delivered ready-made and can be operated either at 9V standard voltage or 24V industrial standard. The focus is on the simulation, demonstration and comprehensible presentation of digital networked applications in a real production environment.

Here you can get an overview of the different training models and their potential applications.

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The fischertechnik models are already Industry 4.0 ready today. Enriched by sensors and combined with a cloud, the core topics of digitally networked production can be physically visualised and tangibly demonstrated: Predictive maintenance, production quality prediction, human-machine interaction, remote control, data exchange via dashboards. The SAP UCC has developed a teaching scenario with case studies and exercises for the factory simulation that helps teachers and learners alike to understand the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.
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