Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH - Anomaly detection

The company Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH used a fischertechnik assembly line model to simulate quality control in the production process as part of the project "Anomaly detection in images". Different objects are transported on the assembly line, which are recorded with the help of a camera.  The camera image is processed using computer vision methods and then fed into a machine learning model that decides whether the product is an anomaly. Anomalies are misproductions that differ in shape, colour and/or structure from the normal state of the product. Reliable detection of these misproductions is important to enforce high quality standards. At the same time, automation offers end-to-end control (as opposed to sampling), consistent detection and reduced manual effort.

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Company profile

Accso Accelerated Solutions GmbH with headquarters in Darmstadt is the specialist for accelerated IT solutions and offers software engineering and IT consulting. The focus is on sophisticated, individual solutions in dynamic environments with customers from different industries. From consulting, planning and conception to implementation. Founded in 2010, the company has been successfully realizing projects in the Industry 4.0 environment for several years, always combining the latest innovations such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, Machine Learning and Robotics.