Objektkultur Software

Project description

Objektkultur Software GmbH uses the possibilities of fischertechnik's IoT simulation (Internet of Things) in a variety of ways: for internal developer challenges, as well as for customer and partner events, and trade fair presentations. With mutual benefit: The company's developers benefited from a programming experience close to the hardware, and customers and partners receive a vivid illustration of the interaction between IoT in production and the Azure Cloud. Using a simulation, Objektkultur Software was able to show how a factory equipped with IoT can be quickly and securely integrated into an existing IT system and controlled in the cloud.

Company profile

The Objektkultur Software GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, sees itself as a full-service provider for the successful management of digital change. Based on Microsoft technologies, it supports companies from the development of a strategy to digital operations under the motto Consult, Build, Operate.
fischertechnik exhibitor at a fair by Objektkultur Software GmbH