pmOne Group training factory

The fischertechnik training factory as an adult Industrial IoT testbed

The data experts at pmOne use the fischertechnik training factory as a fully-fledged IoT test environment. In combination with the Microsoft Azure Cloud, they can test current technologies in the field of Industrial IoT and Edge Computing. In addition, the fischertechnik Factory makes it possible to familiarise potential customers with the challenges of IoT applications. By linking the Factory to the Azure Cloud, pmOne can test current developments of the Azure Cloud in the area of IoT and keep their skillset at the highest level.

Interest in IIoT technologies in the industrial sector is high. Studies show a rapid increase in use cases and newly generated business models related to IIoT - coupled with strong monetary growth. However, companies are still often reluctant to introduce IIoT projects in ongoing processes because the technical complexity is very high and therefore difficult to assess. 

In particular, the interaction of sensors and machines located on the production floor and modern cloud architectures requires a certain amount of imagination. A simulation in a protected test bed makes these complex issues tangible for customers. With the implementation of the fischertechnik Factory, pmOne gave this imagination a concrete boost and brought the technology stack to life.

To do this, pmOne linked the sensor technology of the fischertechnik Factory directly with the Azure Cloud and built a classic Lambda architecture on top of it. Now, the factory's sensor data is sent directly to the cloud via an IoT hub. In connection with the Azure Data Explorer (Hot Path), the data of the Factory can also be displayed in near-real-time, the states of the factory in a Power BI, or alternatively a Grafana dashboard. In addition, the sensor data is historised in a scalable cloud storage (Clod Path).

With this testbed, pmOne's data experts can make IIoT tangible and experienceable as an abstract technology. With the help of the available Azure services, many typical industrial use cases can already be implemented (e.g. operational dashboarding). The historisation of data in the scalable cloud storage also enables the first data science and AI projects (e.g. anomaly detection). Further use cases can be tested using additional sensors that can be connected to the sensor data of the fischertechnik Factory at any time. Finally, this testbed can be used to test new cloud developments, such as the deployment of machine learning models on edge devices using Azure Percept, and thus significantly reduce the throughput times and costs of IIoT PoCs.


Company profile pmOne:

pmOne supports its customers with valuable expertise in data management, data visualisation, data science and CPM. With a holistic, innovative service portfolio - from maturity analysis of digital data use, individual cloud strategies and architectures, implementation to operation and maintenance - pmOne implements customer projects individually. Significant added value is achieved by state-of-the-art data science technologies, machine learning processes and recommender systems.