Rise Technologies

La innovaciĆ³n digital RISE Remote Support

Project description

The software service provider Rise Technologies GmbH regularly presents itself at major trade fairs to demonstrate the possibilities of remote service (remote support) to potential customers and make it tangible for visitors. RISE Technologies uses a demonstrator for this purpose. This is the fischertechnik classification system. With its help, it realistically simulates how repairs to complex machines and systems can be carried out using RISE Remote Support, regardless of location. 
To present a service case realistically, the RISE team deliberately incorporates errors. A loose hose in the hydraulic system or an incorrectly connected cable in the controller restricts the operation of the system or stops it. The visitors then assume the role of a service technician and are given the task of repairing the system. In reality, service technicians or plant operators are often faced with a similar problem.

At the moment, the visitors do not know where to start solving the problems and depend on the help of an expert. This is where a member of the RISE team comes into play. For fast remote support, the visitor is given a Smartglass and can communicate with the expert via a video conference using this and the RISE Remote Support. The remote expert can then see exactly what the service technician, in our case the visitor, sees. This allows the expert to guide the visitor step by step to quickly identify and correct the fault.

Company Profile

Rise Technologies GmbH is a software service provider based in Cologne. The main focus of the offer is remote support, remote support. RISE Remote Support combines unstructured communication channels on one platform and enables effective support of remote service personnel. With its offer RISE reacts to the increasing complexity of production plants and the limited availability of specialized knowledge.