Teacher training

Teacher training and workshop offers for teaching with fischertechnik

What we offer:

You will learn theoretical and practical approaches to teaching with fischertechnik and try your hand at sustainable knowledge transmission and acquisition. 

You will understand the learning objectives that can be achieved with fischertechnik, and will learn how to approach, develop, and promote specific skills in a targeted way - such as problem solving, team, and communication skills.

You will experience how better motivation to learn can lead to active participation in the classroom and better results.

You will simulate practical applications in the classroom with very simple preparations.

You will become familiar with teacher handouts and sample exercises.

Event for:

Teachers in STEM and robotics fields at secondary schools, vocational schools, and technical schools in grades 5 - 12.

General knowledge and skills teachers at elementary schools in grades 2 - 4.

No prior experience teaching with fischertechnik is required.