Early Coding

Entry into the world of computer science and robotics

The fischertechnik Early Coding construction kit is the perfect introduction to the world of programming! Learn the basics of programming together with the Robbies Bob, Lilly and Gerry and dive into the world of robots.

Give your Robbies specific instructions or let them go on adventures of their own. Make your Robbies play sounds when they hit an obstacle or tell them to turn around.
End the program simply by clapping your hands. 
Don't feel like controlling and monitoring your robbies all the time? No problem! Just send them out on their own to explore and let them avoid the obstacles by themselves. 

You can find the appropriate program in our accompanying material, where you can also get to know the first programming steps and the app. 

There are 11 exciting adventures waiting for you, which you can work through without any problems with the help of the instructions. Or you can jump straight into the deep end and try out all the functions yourself.
With the First Coding app, you have all the information about your Robby on your smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. 

Bob, Lilly and Gerry are looking forward to meeting you and developing many new programs and adventures together with you.

First steps - tutorial

A small tutorial for you that will familiarize you with the first steps.
Click here for the tutorial

Plunge into exciting adventures

Eleven adventures are waiting for you to discover.
Click here for the adventures

Digital construction instructions

You can find the digital Early Coding construction manuals here.
Exclusive building instructions
Download the First Coding App
Actuators and sensors